Power Station New England

POWER STATION New England is a perfect complement to Sonalysts' film and video sound stages, touring musician rehearsal stages, and media production facilities.  


Our 1,700 square foot main studio room includes five isolation rooms and the signature 35-foot dome with a sound that you just can’t achieve in another studio. The 400 square foot control room is loaded with everything you need to record a world-class record. Why record in a dull sounding basement, when you can record in a world-class, acoustically-designed studio boasting hundreds of gold and platinum recordings. 

 Neve 8068 (API, Shadow Hills, Millenia, Mercury V72, etc.)
 SSL 4064 G+ (Blue Stripe 1176, 33609, Distressor, Chandler curve bender, etc.)
 World Class microphone locker including Neumann u47,67, 87,C12
 Vintage outboard gear including Urei 1176, LA-3A, Teletronix LA-2A, Pulltec
 Assorted backline to your liking